Types of games

Gambling online is much more advantageous in comparison to real one. In addition to fact that online casino offers various bonuses, it also grants free games what makes an addition privilege to the beginners. All games in online casinos are the same as in real one. If you don't decide which online game to choose, here is a short description of all famous casino games.

Slot games

Electronics machines are the simplest type of all casino games. There are many variants of the games such as slots with different variations, Video Poker, Lottery and Pachinko. Slot games the same as other automats do not require particular skills, the outcome of this game depends on luck. The basis of electronic machines lies in computer program - Random Number Generator (RNG), which generates spontaneous numbers. Therefore it is impossible to predict the result of the game.


This game relies on skills. Its rules are not difficult, but in order to gain a victory you will have to know its basic strategies and practice in a free online casino. Basic Blackjack strategy is based on mathematical counting. There are four major counting systems Hi-Lo, KO Count, Hi-Opt I Count, Hi-Opt II Count. In addition to them, professional gamblers apply such systems as Paroli, Martingale, Fibonacci, Labouchere and many others.


Baccarat is card game, but such counting systems that blackjack uses are not appropriate for this game. Baccarat is rather game of fortune. The table layout includes three fields where to bet. Cards have their particular values. The result of the game is dictated by the value of cards. The winning hand is that where the quantity of points is higher. In order to win at baccarat it would be better for you to read useful hints.


There are two types of roulette American and European. Gamblers like more the last one, because of the single zero on the table layout. Roulette rules aren't complicated; all what player should do is just to make a stake on some, number, color or set of numbers. Roulette has two types of bets inside and outside ones. Outside bets have more winning odds.


Craps is played with a pair of dice. The win in this game is also a matter of chance and depends on the betting types that are various. Craps rules are rather complex, but not difficult. It is complicated to remember everything by hard; therefore it will be better for you to practice this game first.