Online casino rules

General Rules

  • In general, promotional bonuses cannot be redeemed for cash, except in cases that the casino specifies. Bonuses can generate winnings, but when it comes to withdrawal, the bonus will be taken out of the account and removed from those winnings.
  • To get the promotional bonuses, the player has to redeem them prior to making bets with the deposited money. Before betting and accepting the bonus, he also has to agree not to take the bonus. If he wishes to get a bonus but has trouble doing so, he has to get in touch with the casino to get help.
  • A promotion cannot be put to use along with another promotions. Winnings are going to be void whenever a player tries this. Plus, if any withdrawals are pending, the player cannot redeem other promotional bonuses without approval from the management of the casino.
  • If the player tries to put promotional bonuses to use that haven't been offered up to him explicitly, any generated winnings from those bonuses will be forfeited. However, the player will get his original deposit back.
  • These games aren't counted when it comes to promotional bonuses: roulette, craps, baccarat, war, pontoon 21, pai gow and sic bo. Unless stated otherwise by the casino, any generated winnings from such games will be completely void.
  • If promotional bonuses are enabled for various games, the highest betting requirement from the played games will be applied to the bonus to form the withdrawal betting requirements.

Withdrawal Rules

  • The highest withdrawal possible will depend on the amount that is deposited.
  • If a withdrawal is currently pending, the player cannot request or redeem any promotions (like comp points, free chips or cash-backs). Such promotions simply cannot be requested and accumulated after a withdrawal approval. To get promotional offers at that time, the player has to cancel any pending withdrawals.
  • Withdrawal cancellations won't count towards promotional bonuses at any time unless the management approves the payouts and the player agrees to deposit it into his account after the approval. Any accumulated comp points during play on cancelled withdrawals will be considered void, as well.
  • If the maximum coupon cash-out is exceeded, any money left over will be taken away, no matter if the withdrawal was processed or not. This money can't be put to use with other promotions and can't be used for comp points build-up, either.