Types of Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the popular casino games with so many variations. As more and more casinos are come in to being, you will also get custom made games of each casino. Atlantic City Blackjack that are played at Cryptologic casinos and European Blackjack played at Microgaming casinos are the two major variants of Blackjack. Some of the variants are listed below:

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European Variant

  1. Decks will be two
  2. You can find the dealer at soft 17
  3. Only from 9-11, you will get the double
  4. You won't get any doubles after the split
  5. Resplit is not allowed
  6. Split aces can be drawn by the player
  7. Surrendering is also not there
  8. Hole card is not there in which the total bet amount of the player will lose to blackjack dealer
  9. Until the end of the hand, insurance will not be determined
  10. Bet position only one

Blackjack of Atlantic City

  1. Decks are 8
  2. Dealer will be at soft 17
  3. Any of the initial two cards can be doubled peek
  4. After splitting, doubling is possible
  5. Resplit the cards in to hands of three
  6. Dealer can see the blackjack
  7. Delayed surrendering is possible
  8. Bet position is only one

Blackjack of Vegas Strip

  1. You can find 4 decks
  2. Dealer will be at soft 17
  3. Double is allowed after the split
  4. Resplit is allowed for three hands
  5. Dealer can see the blackjack
  6. Bet position available is only one

Double Exposure

  1. Both the cards of the dealer are faced up
  2. Excluding blackjack, all the ties will be won by the dealer
  3. Every player who wins has to pay 1:1 including blackjack
  4. Tie on blackjack also has to pay 1:1
  5. Can play on 8 decks
  6. Dealer stands at soft 17
  7. Resplit is allowed for four hands
  8. Double is allowed only at hard 9-11
  9. Aces can be split using one card
  10. After the split double is allowed

Blackjack Switch

  1. Dealer stands on soft 17
  2. Equal sized two bets should be placed by the player
  3. Cards can be placed with face up
  4. With an upcard of ten or ace, dealer will peep for blackjack. All the hands of the player will lose when the dealer is having a blackjack unless pushed by a blackjack of the player
  5. Any 2 cards can be doubled by the player
  6. Second card played on every hand can be switched by the player
  7. After splitting, doubling is possible
  8. Only one split for the player
  9. Money is paid on blackjack
  10. With a sum of 22, the dealer can push against the player with a sum of 21.

The variety of blackjack games will help you in choosing games that best suits to your personality and taste. The variations of blackjack games enable you to enjoy the games at the fullest.