Very often it is difficult to understand what all the policy includes; it is hence put forth in a simple concise manner.

Policy's preview:

The most essential point to remember is that this policy safe guards the information you have submitted in the process of using our website only, and we will not be responsible for the data they give to any other.

This policy specifically covers all information like name, email address, phone number etc; you submit in the course of using our website and its products. It includes even the information you have submitted when you have used the website in the past.

Information collected, where, when, why?

In general browsing conditions no personal information is required, but some amount of data is required when you register with us for further use of the website and all on offer.

  1. In case you register for games and offers on our site, or in the site of our conducting partners. For example when you want to take part in the sweepstake, or want some involvement in the promotional offers.
  2. The information we as well as our partners collect will be used together often
  3. Most information like name, age, date of birth, zip code are required when you register with us. This will help us track our demographical reach and is also useful in keeping track, and will help us avoid children under the age of 18.
  4. The information sent in the form of cookies is also automatically stored up in our servers.

All this information is a basis for us to plan several promotions as well as improvements. It helps us learn and evolve for the better. It is also used in anonymous format for the negotiations and reporting with clients.

We care about sharing

When it comes to sharing your personal information we are extremely careful, though we do not rent or use or sell your personal information to others in some cases few other may have access.

  1. Often third parties run certain facilities, on behalf of us. In such cases they are provided with information. They work only on our behalf and have no other access to it on their own, and these companies strictly abide by our privacy policy.
  2. When required by law for legal proceedings, or when we fell we need to submit it to the authorities in order to keep frauds and conmen at bay.
  3. When we resell or merge with another company, it becomes essential to transfer information.

Beware of the target advertisements.

Though we do not give any information to the advertisers, when you respond to target adverts they assume that you belong to that particular category. There are several advertisers involved with us from travel consultants to stores, the information you give to them will not come under our preview

Cookie connections

The website uses cookies or beacons to access your computer. We make use of this facility to provide and protect your information. These deal with the products and services, which are provided by the website. In certain cases even advertisers are enabled to send cookies to you, but beware and read their Privacy policies for details.

How to delete your information?

You can edit and delete information you have submitted any time by following the unsubscribe link, or by using customer services. Some important updates, which are essential according to the website, cannot be opted out off unless your account is deleted.

The account can also be deleted any time you want, by contacting the support; but some details might be saved in the records.


We provide electronic, as well as physical security to the best of ability, available today to ensure your data is safe. Any change in policies will be updated and you will be informed on the site and you will be informed.